Deja Vu

We have all experienced deja vu at some time in our lives. Mostly it passes without comment, an unsettling feeling that we have already seen or remembered something familiar from our past that we experience in the present. Consider if you will the story of Simon Addams, a man of ledgers who finds his present invaded by curiously unrelated memories and encounters. He is about to find that deja vu may well have a purpose, and that some things lost are not necessarily lost forever... Wednesday 9.16am Amaryst Hey Simon. Know what time it is? Simon Oh Hell. Sorry Amaryst. I've slept in. Amaryst Better get your skates on. Hanson's on the warpath and we need figures stat. Simon What's up now? Amaryst A shortfall in the June balance. Accounts Receivable is down. Looks like an error but we need everyone in to find it. Simon What's the discrepancy? Amaryst Almost 8K. Simon If its that much it'll probably have something to do with the invoices we forwarded to Millerand Stee


When Helen McInerney got the call from her friend Erin it was just another summer's day in Mallard County. Having lost sight of her friends whilst on a hiking trip Erin needed help and Helen was glad to oblige. It would not be the first, or the last time that she would help her friend. What she could not know was how much trouble Erin had walked into, and what she would have to risk to save her... Sunday 16th Erin 4.43pm Hey Helen. Have you got Steve's cell number? Helen I think I've got it somewhere. Don't you have it handy? Erin I thought I had it in my address book but I don't. I was deleting some old contacts yesterday and must have got rid of it. Helen Aren't you supposed to be on a hiking trip? Erin I am. The club's doing the walking trails around Hewlett Dam. Helen Shouldn't Steve be with you then? Erin Not at the moment. I've been separated from the main group and just need to let Steve know where I've ended up. Helen He left you behin

The Road

For your consideration is presented here the story of Charles Dupre, a man who is about to go on a journey from which he cannot escape. In life he took far more than he should. In death he is about to pay the price. It will be upon the Road that he will be confronted with his crimes and given a choice, the consequences of which may well last forever... Judge Charles. Awaken. Judge Charles. It is time. Judge Get off your ass Charles. Wake up! Charles What the Hell is this? Charles Where am I? Judge Good question Charles. Judge Take a moment to get your bearings. You've been asleep for a long time. Charles Jesus. I feel like crap. Judge It will take a moment to get used to your surroundings. Stretch out a bit, it'll help. Charles Where the Hell am I? Judge To answer that you must tell me what you see. Charles I'm in a car. There's some Thing driving it. Charles My God, what is it? Charles It's not going to hurt me is it? Judge No. And its not a thing. Judge Your dri