Welcome to the Graveyard Shift, a series of chat stories for those who like their fiction edged with a twist.  Included within these unique tales can be found a good measure of horror, a reasonable helping of sci-fi and a pinch of the supernatural, all told through the text messages of the unfortunate souls who have had a part to play in their unfolding. If you must read on, do so with care.

What can be found here is a portfolio of free chat fiction stories unencumbered by ads, programmed delays, disabled features or paid subscriptions, provided in a format easily accessible to anyone using a PC or mobile device. You need no proprietary app or software to enjoy these stories. All the unique and unusual tales presented here are written by the author, Wayne Densley, and all the usual rights are reserved by him. Please note that all the names, places and situations mentioned here are completely fictional and any resemblance to the real world is unfortunately coincidental.

It should be noted also that the first two "seasons" of the Graveyard Shift have now been completed, comprising a total of twenty new tales of mayhem and disorder. The third season has also commenced and more titles are to follow. Although it is not customary with most chat fiction to include a preamble, a short introduction has been provided with each that sets the scene for the story to come. I am afraid many years of watching the Twilight Zone compels me to provide such an introduction. Please feel free to enjoy these stories and let other readers know they can be found here. Any comments you have will be greatly appreciated.

The Author.